Solar Hot Water Systems

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Cool Tip

Rule of Thumb to Estimate Hot Water Demand at 60°C in UK and Ireland :

50 litres per person per day

Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems

Cool Sky

The Apricus Vacuum Tube Solar Collector is a highly efficient solar hot water heater, particularly suitable for northern climates such as the UK and Ireland. The curved absorber inside each vacuum tube means that the Apricus system collects energy from early morning until evening, maximising the potential of this collector in our climate conditions. This is known as the incident angle modifier (IAM) and makes the Apricus collector one of the most efficient products available.

More information on the Incident Angle Modifier

Apricus Vacuum Tube – ideal for use in Northern Climates

  • Curved absorber area passively tracks the sun throughout the day
  • Individual tubes and heat pipes easily replaced
  • Hail Resistant in accordance with EN12975-2
  • Designed to withstand winds of up to 130 mph
  • 10 year warranty on tubes and 15 year warranty on manifold
  • Modular – suitable for domestic and commercial applications

Apricus Collectors are suitable for both domestic and commercial installations. Many thousands of Apricus collectors are installed worldwide.

Applications include hot water heating, heating support, industrial process heat and air-conditioning.

The CoolSky Team are the Apricus partners for the UK and Ireland. CoolSky provide a free of charge technical design and specification service for all specifiers and installers. To avail of this service, please contact us at


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